Technician training is the backbone of the dealer network - by ensuring a capable service channel we are prepared to deliver excellent service to our customers. To ensure consistency of the service provided to our mutual customers, each dealer location is required to have technicians certified on the generators supported at that location. 


Cummins Virtual College Online

Cummins Virtual College (CVCOL) is our online training platform. Accessed through Quick Serve Online, technicians can access theCVCOL library and complete various courses. Some certifications require only CVCOL training, while others require both CVCOL and Hands-On training. When Hands-On training is required, completion of the CVCOL courses is required prior to the start of Hands-On training.
Go to and click on the “service training” link to access the online training platform.


Hands-On Training

Hands-on training is conducted throughout the year at various Cummins locations. Go to to register for upcoming local hands-on training.
Be sure to note any required pre-requisite training listed and complete those courses prior to attending training.



Technician training is tracked and monitored through a program called ProMotion. Each technician will be assigned a ProMotion ID number by their distributor dealer manager, and the training completed by that technician will be recorded in their ProMotion portfolio. This number will be used to record all training throughout the technician’s career. ProMotion can be accessed through QSOL by clicking on the Service Training link.
Contact your Distributor Dealer Manager with any questions regarding training requirements or to obtain a ProMotion ID for a technician.


Using the ProMotion system

The ProMotion system provides a course guide for technicians through a qualification program. Each Qualification Program is a grouping of courses the technician is required to complete in order to be authorized to perform the service procedures outline in the training. To view the required courses for a qualification simply click on the “not qualified” tab, then use a keyword search to find the program. 
Click on the Qualification ID (ex: 2015-55Q) and a list of courses will be displayed on the screen.  If the word “online” appears in the Course Type field, you can click on it and the course will automatically start.